2013 Semiconductor Viewpoint

Jeanne Beacham, President, Delphon
January 16, 2013

What will 2013 hold? There are so many viewpoints... Most say it will be the same as 2012 with consumer confidence improving, unemployment remaining high in the 7% range, and low interest rates! The semiconductor / high tech industry will continue to grow with numbers in the 5-10%. Some people call those low, but most industries call them a great year and so should we!!

What will Delphon being doing? Taking advantage of the low interest rates by making investments in new equipment, new facilities and acquisitions. Divisions Quik-Pak and Gel-Pak will be launching more new products in 2013 than any other year in our history as we grew our R&D efforts substantially in 2012.

Delphon is going to continue to invest in the most important asset. people, with key strategic hires. Interesting enough, despite the high unemployment rate it is still quite difficult to get quality technical and senior managers who are not expecting the Facebook kind of payouts. The industry still needs to improve its diversity and excite the new young minds to look at career opportunities in manufacturing!!

As those who know me, I am a true optimist and I believe there are many areas with huge growth potential. Other parts of the world are in much worse shape than the US and combined with the energy renaissance happening, the United States will come out of 2013 stronger and more self-sufficient.

Talking to other small to mid-size businesses there is a lot of excitement about opportunities and growth since we all made the hard management decisions several years ago to cut expenses and drive productivity and profitability. Now if we can only get our fearless leaders in the government to do the same. Businesses have successfully learned to tighten budgets, improve processes and drive sales and therefore now have the cash and resources to produce new products, hire more people and grow the economy!

Jeanne Beacham, President

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