Screen Printing TM

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The screen printing process is routinely used to mark medical and electronic components. The standard application for screen process is the direct printing of flat or straight sided cylindrical and conical shapes.  Some examples are: faceplates, front panels, and signs. Utilizing the proper ink, a wide range of substrates can be decorated, including medical grade plastics. With state-of- the-art equipment, our experienced team is able to maintain a volume production level with outstanding quality control. 

TouchMark’s screen printing service involves creating an ink-blocking stencil and applying it to awoven mesh. The stencil then forms an area through which medical grade ink or other customer-specified substances can be transferred. The technique actually dates back to early China (between 960 and 1279 AD).

TouchMark’s Medical and Electronic Device Screen Printing Service offers an efficient, economical solution for larger format applications that do not demand the tight tolerances and precision offered by pad printing.