TouchMark Develops New Printing Process for Nitinol to Assure Ink Adhesion

Contact: Raymund Abiera
Phone: (510) 576-2220
9 A.M. PST, JUNE 9, 2009

HAYWARD, CA JUNE 9, 2009: TouchMark a division of Delphon Industries and industry leader in Electronic and Medical Device Pad Printing, announced today the development of a printing process specifically for Nickel Titanium (Nitinol) a material commonly used for medical canulas.

Printing on some Nitinol surfaces can be challenging because of special coatings. When Nitinol is coated, inks can rub off after application. TouchMark has developed a process for permanent ink adhesion to this substrate meeting the critical requirements of medical device manufacturers.

Background: TouchMark, originally founded in 1992, was purchased by Delphon Industries in 2006. For more than 15 years the company has worked closely with leading electronics and medical customers to provide solutions to their pad printing challenges. TouchMark has developed an expertise with difficult substrates, inks and unique shapes. In addition to pad printing, the company has expanded its offerings over the years to include material procurement and preparation, incoming inspection, Cleanroom assembly, as well as post production services. The company is constantly growing its service menu to meet the changing needs of medical device and consumer electronic manufactures.

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